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The Global Plate Tectonic Model for the oceans and continents was assembled from my work as a Ph.D student at the University of Chicago (Paleogeographic Atlas Project with Fred Ziegler and Dave Rowley), as Director of the Paleoceanographic Mapping Project with John Sclater and Larry Lawver (now the PLATES Project, U. Texas Institute for Geophysics), and my current research work at the University of Texas at Arlington  (PALEOMAP Project).  Some of the people who have given my the best advice and ideas are: Rob van der Voo, W.S. McKerrow, Robin Cocks, Fred Ziegler, Art Boucot,  Dave Rowley, Tom Worsley, and  Nie Shangyou.

Though the PALEOMAP software is based on my original FORTRAN programs, Malcolm I . Ross, Chuck Denham, Dave B. Walsh,  John Eldridge, Tom Moore and Sherri Randall provided additional programming support and expertise through the years.

The Plate Tectonic Reconstructions are oriented relative to the spin axis using paleomagnetic data from Rob van der Voo,  the hot spot framework of R. D. Mueller, in conjunction with the principle of minimum surprise (no rapid excursions, twirling, erratic motions, or dreaded True Polar Wander!).

The Paleogeographic Maps were painted my brother, Ralph J. Scotese.

Robert and Jonathan Scotese provided no help what so ever!

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