Greetings Humans.  I am Jon Scotese.  If you have been to this site 
recently you may notice that it is different than it was earlier.  
That was because I hadn't updated it in many years,  I am now in 
High School.( Junior when I wrote this might be senior when you read it)  
	I read a lot of Fantasy books I recommend The Wheel of Time, Heralds
of Valdemar, Elvenbane, The Golden Compass, Nearly everything by Margret Weis 
and Tracy Hickman, The Lord of the Rings and the Drizzt books by R.A. Salvatore.
	I also do a lot of Roleplaying games mainly Rifts and Minds Eye Theatre 
Vampire:The Masquerade.  I've been a dragon, a cobbler-goblin witch, a genius, a 
dogboy, a Kwarla Mystic, Caitiff twice, a gargoyle and will soon be playing 
a Tremere Autarkis and Ravnos Trimira.  To All those who now say Guh?? 
I say to you " Ogga bogga bogga, and Tubar Exocanny Maflif Zorgon"
	I also love Animals especially my cat onyx, I am a Vegetarian and yup,
can't think of anything else unless...... nope too stupid, so I guess I should 
stop writing now instead of writing that I should start writing about stopping 
writing and just stop writing.  Hah! I broke out of that Infinite loop.  Good for 
If you wish to contact me you can reach me at
Hail The Void		The Wheel Weaves what the Wheel wills
Hail Chaos			Fire and Rain
Hail Gaia		It's the time of Thin Blood 
				Good bye