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Earth History  /  Climate History                                 Slides, Videos, Atlas of Maps                             

    Precambrian                                                                 CD-ROM: Animations, Digital Maps

    Cambrian      Climate                                                  Paleo-globes

    Ordovician    Climate                                                 Software to Make Reconstructions

    Silurian     Climate                                                       Maps in Arcview           

    Devonian     Climate                                                    VR Animations

    Early Carboniferous     Climate                                         Breakup of Pangea

    Late  Carboniferous     Climate                                          Paleozoic Plate Motions

    Permian      Climate                                                              Rodinia-Pannotia

    Triassic    Climate                                                                 Future Plate Motions

    Early Jurassic    Climate                                                       India Collision with Asia

    Late Jurassic    Climate                                                         Caribbean

    Cretaceous    Climate                                                            Paleoclimate Animation

    K/T extinction    Climate                                                              

    Eocene    Climate                                                             Credits  

    Miocene    Climate                                                                  C. R. Scotese Publications

    Last Ice Age                                                                             How these Maps were Made

    Modern World                                                                         Current Research

    Future World +50 million years                                           Other Links

    Future World +100 million years                                         Key References

    Future World +250 million years                                         History of the Atlas