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Current Research Projects

Working on Book

       Foundations of the Earth System: Plate Tectonics, Paleogoegraphy & Paleoclimate (Columbia Univeristy Press); Build 3D Paleogeographic Earth Models; Develop new Plate Reconstruction and Modeling software; Update ESH-GIS.

An Atlas of Plate Tectonic Reconstructions

            This atlas illustrates the plate tectonic development of the continents and ocean basins since the Late Triassic.  The maps show the location of past plate boundaries and the pattern of sea floor spreading.  This work is being done in collaboration with Antonio Schettino (Milan, Italy).  (example reconstruction).

A Database of Climate Sensitive Lithologies

        A GIS  database is being constructed that contains over 7,000 localities of lithologic indicators of climate.  This data base is based on the compilation of Boucot & Chen and is being assembled by myself & Sriroop Chaudhuri. For more information see the Paleoclimate section of this website.

New Cretaceous Paleogeographic maps 

       A new set of Cretaceous 3D paleogeographic maps are being assembled.  There will be 7 maps spanning the entire Cretaceous.  For an example of this work see the Late Cretaceous 3D paleoglobe

Revised Paleogeographic Atlas

    A new set of paleogeographic maps is being prepared that will illustrate the changing distribution of land, sea, and mountains during the last 750 million years.  There will be one map for every 10 million years - going back to 100 million years, and one map for every 20 million years -going back to 750 million years.  


Bibliography of Publications of C. R. Scotese


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