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The Following animations can be downloaded and viewed at your computer.

Plate Tectonic Animations

NEW Breakup of Pangea:  Pangea Breakup VR 

NEW  Tectonic Evolution of the North Atlantic:  N. Atlantic VR

NEW  Breakup of Gondwana:  Gondwana Breakup VR

NEW  Tectonic Evolution of the Pacific:  Pacific VR

NEW  Evolution of the Farallon Plate:  Farallon VR

NEW  Tectonics Viewed from the North Pole:  North Pole VR

NEW Tectonic Evolution of the Indian Ocean:  Indian Ocean VR

NEW  Breakup of Rodinia & Snowball Earth:   Rodinia VR

The Collision of India with Asia:  India   VR

The  Evolution of the Caribbean:  Caribbean VR

Paleoglobe Animations

NEW  3D Early Miocene World (20 Ma):  3D Miocene

NEW  3D Late Cretaceous World (80 Ma):  3D Late Cretaceous VR

NEW  3D Mid Cretaceous World (100 Ma): 3D Mid Cretaceous VR

NEW  3D Early Permian World (280 Ma):  3D Early Permian VR

NEW  3D Mid Carboniferous World (320 Ma):  3D Mid Carboniferous VR

NEW  3D Late Devonian World (360 Ma):  3D Late Devonian VR

NEW  3D Early Devonian World (380 Ma):  3D Early Devonian

3D Cretaceous World (100 Ma):  3D Cretaceous VR

3D Early Permian World  (280 Ma):  3D Permian VR

Continental Drift Animations

The Breakup of Pangea (last 200 million years):   Pangea VR

The Assembly of Pangea during the Paleozoic:  Paleozoic VR

Late Precambrian Pangeas: Rodinia to Pannotia:  Precambrian VR

Plate Motions 250 Million years into the Future:  Future   VR

Paleoclimate Animations

Climatic Change:  Paleoclimate VR

NEW  Coals, Salts, Tillites & Tropical Soils: Climatic Indicators VR

NEW  Climatic Zones Through Time:  Climatic Zones VR


All these animations are available on CD-ROM in Quicktime format.   For more information see, "Computer Animations on CD-ROM" in the  Teaching Materials section of this website.   For other use of these animations see:  License & Credit Information