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3D Paleotopographic and Paleobathymetric  Models

Late Cretaceous (Campanian, 80 mya) with 3D Paleogeography & Paleoclimate  (View Animation)

Middle Devonian  (Eifelian, 390 Ma) with 3D Paleogeography & Modern Coastlines


Early Permian (280 mya) with  Paleotopography (View Animation)

3D Paleotopography and Paleobathymetry

The 3D globes shown above were rendered using new digital topographic and bathymetric data sets that model paleo-elevation and paleo-bathymetry.  These digital datasets  have a spatial resolution of less than 1/10 of a degree and a vertical resolution of approximately 40 meters. 

For information concerning the availability of these data sets contact as at: