Robert Scotese (son of Chris Scotese)
biographical information

Yes, that's right you have just found Chris Scotese's son's Amazing web page.  Don't run away read...ENJOY!

I am a senior in high-school soon to graduate.  I enjoy Reading Sci-fi books and games and am reasonably big Trekkie .  I enjoy an assortment of good role-playing games such as Rifts and Vampires (LARP).  One of my favorite authors at this time is Philip K. Dick.  If you haven't read some of his short stories, I would recommend you do so.  

I really enjoy politics and hope to become more involved with political campaigns in the years to come.  I would define myself as Social-Liberal of some sort.  I think everything going on right now (War on terror aside) is amazingly interesting and find myself going to several times a day just to find out what battles are being fought in Washington and to catch up on world news (NPR also kicks ass by the way).  


In closing:   G. W. Bush = Yuck (remember this when you vote)

AND I left the below secret message for all of you who want to know the real deal about my dad...